Video of Kurt Cobain, Matt Bellamy in Guitar Hero 5

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Two videos out in the wild show Guitar Hero 5 gameplay and two rockers as whom you may perform - well, in the Quicktime events anyway. Matt Bellamy of Muse, and Kurt Cobain of ... does he need further identification?

These vids were uploaded to DailyMotion by user SchnackAttack. Here is Cobain, performing, what else, "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

And here is Bellamy, performing Plug In Baby.

Expert guitar looks like a real beast, although we expected no less. Also guessing that worms-eye view of the walkdown will begin any set in which you play as a real rocker.


Guitar Hero 5: Kurt Cobain and Matt Bellamy Playable [GoNintendo, and thanks Sam B., Derek D. and Gorago V.]

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i guess killing yourself wont stop people from shamelessly exploiting your image. what no respect for the dead?

i used to like muse and im glad to see people still listen to them. but using backing tracks live, their good but weak last cd, and the fact that their rather talented bassist seems to be barely used anymore has made me think less of them as a band. in nirvana i doubt those would have even been an issue.