Xbox 360 Update Hands-On: Facebook And Twitter

Microsoft provided Kotaku with an early version of the November Xbox 360 dashboard update. I just tested Twitter and Facebook on my 360. Watch.


Both Xbox versions of the social-networking services are available only to paying Xbox Live Gold users.


Apologies for the low volume. Turn it up before you start watching/listening.

The Facebook video is up top. The Twitter video is below:

Check out Part 2 of our Xbox 360 Dashboard update preview, as I try the new Zune video marketplace and the Instant Streaming in 1080p service.

Check out part 3 of this November Xbox 360 Dashboard Update preview, which shows Last.FM on my 360.


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Does anyone else just hate the new format at Kotaku? Ugly article headers with no text or pictures...making me click every article. I much preferred the old format (I actually liked expanded, but at this point I'd take condensed). Is there a discussion forum or article discussing the new format and what it is supposed to eventually actually turn in to? #dashboardupdate