Nintendo President: Stalling Wii Sales Made Nintendo Mood "Cold"

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At yesterday's Nintendo Tokyo conference, company president Satoru Iwata was frank, saying this about sluggish Wii sales: "The Wii stalled."


Wii sales dropped by 10 million units during the six month period ending September 2009, and Nintendo has recorded its first decline in profit in six years. Iwata summed up the feeling at Nintendo. "Not being able to continuously release strong software has made a good mood grow cold."


With upcoming titles like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Nintendo is feeling more confident about this holiday season.

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Oh come off it Nintendo. You're hanging off a thread here. You seriously think one mario game based off a game made for DS is gonna create more sales? I am MORE than happy that Other M is in the works but I feel that if there stronger games were released sooner than their problem wouldn't be as strong. And with yet another mario game being made on top of smg2 and nsmb wii I am actually getting tired of seeing mario. #wii