Party Chat Not Fully Supported in Modern Warfare 2

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The Xbox 360 version of Modern Warfare 2 won't allow gamers to be in Party Chat while playing some modes of the game, according to a screen uploaded by a NeoGaf poster.

That means that gamers on different teams won't be able to cross talk and cheat. Of course, it also means that gamers won't be able to chat to friends not playing Modern Warfare 2 while they're in the game.

The Playstation 3 doesn't have a cross-game chat capability.

While some people seemed upset about this move, I think it's a pretty good idea and will help cut down on people giving away positions in ranked matches. Of course, someone could just pick up a phone if they really wanted to cheat.


We've contacted Activision to try and confirm this screenshot.

Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Footage. Spoilers within, click accordingly. [NeoGaf]

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I don't understand why they would implement this at all. When I play Halo, COD, or GoW by myself or with my friends we always jump into party chat so we can talk to each other, whether it be cross game chat or playing together.

On top of that in a game like COD where it's multiplayer is mostly respawn and not single life, I don't see the point of what giving away the enemies location would do if we are on the same team. If I'm in game chat I'm going to call out the enemies location. If I'm in party chat I'm still going to call out the enemies location.

The difference being the people I'm in party chat with are people I trust and rather listen and work with compared to others. I'm not saying others can't be trusted or aren't great players, but coming across decent players (social manners wise) is hard to come by in online gaming. #modernwarfare2