Bleszinski: Borderlands is Diablo for a New Generation

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Continuing today's theme of "Devs Commenting on Other Devs," here, for a change, is Epic's Cliff Bleszinski weighing in with something polite about Borderlands.

Many have made the comparison of Gearbox's Borderlands to Diablo. Cliffy B certifies it with this unsolicited Tweet: "Borderlands, I adore you. You're Diablo for a generation raised on first person shooters. I want a Claptrap statue."

That can be arranged, Cliff.


Cliff Bleszinski's Twitter [via Hot Blooded Gaming]

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I was about to question the idea of calling Borderlands "Diablo for a new generation" (I can imagine that there are plenty of people who love both) until I saw the bit about first-person shooters. I can see that.

I've found this game to be really interesting, from what I've seen and heard and read. I do have a question, though:

Let's say that I'm a big 'story' person in my shooters. I've already heard that the game's main story is pretty thin, but I think I could get by on, say, pieces of background information scattered around. Does Borderlands have anything like this, for people who enjoy a bit of context with their shooting? Thanks! #twitter