Modern Warfare 2 Sells Nearly Five Million Copies In A Day

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According to "internal Activision estimates", Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 didn't just have a good launch, it had "the biggest launch in history across all forms of entertainment".


This claim is based on sell-through sales, with Activision bean-counters reporting the game managed to pull in $310 million in its first 24 hours on sale. And that's not a worldwide number, that's just in North America and the UK. $310 million. In a single day. In three countries.

Sure, games cost more than a movie ticket, but $310 million in 24 hours is still a mighty impressive number, regardless of the admission price.

That $310 million was earned off the back of an estimated 4.7 million units sold, another frightening number when you consider it's again excluding sales from all the other PAL territories.


Eventhough i have the game and sound like a hypocrit for saying this it saddens me that this game is so wildly popular. It is basically a rehash of MW1 and there is even 1 map in the multi that is literally a reskinned version of a map from CoD2!

I really do feel that games like this massively surpress the orignal and new ips that do come out and i just hope that more people give some original games a bit of love because i'd really rather not have the industry fall into a massive spiral of rehashed crap. #modernwarfare2