Final Fantasy XIII Also Has A European Release Date

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When Square Enix finally announced a release date for Final Fantasy XIII in North America earlier today, they also quietly slipped a European date out the door as well. And you know what? It's not as bad as you're thinking.

While earlier developments had led to a degree of pessimism on the part of European fans (well deserved considering Square Enix's previous localisation efforts), this morning it was revealed that the game will be out in Europe on the same day it's out in North America.


March 9.

Which, when you think about the way the world spins, means Europe gets a Final Fantasy game before the US. Crazy.

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a final fantasy game that has leona lewis in it!what a load of bollocks! Why cant i have the original japanese score instead. we only need to understand the game not have lewis making us turn down the volume. #finalfantasyxiii