Rebuffed PSN Plaintiff Lashes Out at Xbox Live, Nintendo

Seems like gaming's found its Jonathan Lee Riches - the inmate who sues anyone and anything, largely for comedic effect. In this case, Erik Estavillo, who already had a suit against Sony tossed, has taken aim at Microsoft and Nintendo.


Estavillo's suing Microsoft for an RROD on his 360, claiming that a disability means he can afford neither a new console nor a "well over $100 fee to fix it." He's looking for $75,000 on that complaint, because of the "undue stress" he's suffered since the machine's failure, plus the "sadness he will have in the mean time of finding one he can afford." Allllllllright. Next.

Nintendo of America isn't so holy in this either. Estavillo complains that a Wii firmware update disabled his homebrew channel. Basically, he's bitching that it prevents him from unlocking a character in Super Mario Galaxy and for that he wants $5,000 for obstructing his "pursuit of happiness."

In his suit Estavillo says he depends on games for his emotional well being because he suffers from depression, OCD, panic disorder, Crohn's disease and agoraphobia, the latter of which you might recall was his basis for suing Sony after it banned him for being a jackass on PSN. A judge threw out that lawsuit, a judgment which he has appealed. There's obviously no stopping this guy.

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I don't live in the USA (I live north, in America's Hat.) But isn't there some kind of law that prevents morons from tying up the legal system for stupid reasons? Because let's face it, this dude hasn't got a hope and a prayer.

He seems like the kind of guy who'd sue his cat because it won't talk to him. Granted, for all his issues (And I smell bullshit all over them) the simple solution for this jackhole isn't video games. It's hookers. That's all he needs.