Aw, fuckles. Our site got totally borked either right before TGS or during it and dumped all the votes for our penny contest. That sucks. We suck. Really, I do apologize to everyone who votes, everyone who entered and, well, pretty much everyone. Bad news: We're going to need to do another vote. I've gone thru and checked the comments, and they are working now. To make it up, we'll be sending prizes to the 2nd and 3rd place folks as well. Perhaps something from Japan, locks of Crecente's hair, who knows. Once again, apologizes for this! Go here to vote, click on the pic you like and write "I vote for this" underneath it. Voting starts now and ends in exactly 24 hours. Eds Note: Just go ahead an write any comment under the pic you like. Any thing you write will be counted as a vote. Seems there is a spam program that is nixing "I vote for this."