Exploiting MW2's 'Javelin Glitch' Will Get You Banned, Says XBL

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While Infinity Ward works up a fix for the infamous suicide-bombing "javelin glitch" in Modern Warfare 2, Xbox Live's chief lawman vows that anyone caught doing it in his jurisdiction can expect a daylong banhammer, minimum.

Said Stephen Toulouse (Stepto) over Twitter earlier today:

While IW works on getting the MW2 glitch fixed, people we catch using it will recieve suspensions from LIVE. Play fair everyone. :>


Stepto clarified that bannings for this sort of terms of use violation typically are 24 hours, but can go up to two weeks if they're particularly egregious.

For those not familiar with the glitch, which can be used on PS3 and PC as well as the 360, it enables someone carrying a rocket launcher to turn into a sprinting human bomb. While the player dies in the process, it's still a cheap way to get kills, including triples and quads. And an easy way to get yourself reported, cussed out, etc. You can watch this for more information but, remember, trying it subjects you to a day without multiplayer. Which is like a day without sunshine. Or something.

Stephen Toulouse on Twitter [Twitter]

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For some reason, I find the way different communities react to unintended consequences very interesting. On the one hand, you have the fighter community, whose views were championed by Dave Sirlin; and on the other you have the communities of basically every other genre of competitive gaming.

I myself am partial to Sirlin's point of view; combos in fighting games were originally a glitch, after all. However, I also sympathize with the notion of trying to maximize "fun". It's no good if these unintended tactics reduce the game to something less than fun for the majority of people (that is to say, for us scrubs).