New PSN Game Is Nearly 10GB In Size

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Upcoming PlayStation Network title Record of Agarest War may sound tempting to fans of strategy RPGs, but if you've got a 20GB system (or even a 60GB system), you may want to be careful.

Why? Because a representative from the game's North American publisher, Aksys Games, has revealed that the download-only title will be between eight and ten gigs in size. That's one hell of a big download.

Won't be a problem for anyone with a more recent system (80, 120, 250), but man, an 8-10GB doesn't seem so long ago Microsoft were trying to keep online games under 50mb.


How Big Is Downloadable Record of Agarest War? [Siliconera]

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lol, I don't see what the big deal is.

GTA IV was a 16 GB download on steam :)