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Nintendo Calls Chinatown Sales 'Frustrating'; Implies Lack of Marketing

Illustration for article titled Nintendo Calls Chinatown Sales Frustrating; Implies Lack of Marketing

Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo of America's executive vice president of sale and marketing, confessed to being frustrated by the sales numbers behind Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and suggested Rockstar hasn't learned something Nintendo already knows about marketing.


Asked by MTV Multiplayer if Nintendo was disappointed by Chinatown Wars' showing, Dunaway said:

It's frustrating, quite frankly. Certainly there have been mature titles - Resident Evil, the first Call of Duty - that have sold over a million units and with something like GTA, there's great content there. We do think it'll have a long tail and we've seen that with a lot of titles across all genres on the DS platform that consumers continue to discover them. par. But part of what's needed is you have to continue to put marketing support behind these titles. It's one of the things we've learned over the past few years. The old dynamic of throw it on TV for a few weeks and forget it isn't going to work, because new consumers are coming in all the time.


See it for yourself in the entire video below:

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Nintendo: 'GTA: Chinatown Wars' Frustrating Sales Due To Marketing (Or Lack Thereof) [MTV Multiplayer]


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While her suggestion of supporting games with marketing for a longer while is a good one i´m sure she´d actually have an easier time of listing all the m rated titles failing to sell on Nintendo platforms than listing the very few which are successful.

I most blame it on the weak technology of the Nintendo platforms on graphics side and the very limited online functionality compared to the contender consoles.

I have several consoles like many others i know and when there are m rated games on Nintendo platforms i very often have the feeling that there are comparable games on my other systems, too and then they usuallay look way better and have better gameplay or online functionality in many cases.

I think the Wii is fine as secondary system as it is or for the more "casual" or family/ party type games and generally for stuff one can´t find in similar form on other platforms, but yeah, to also have more of a chance when its about "hardcore" or just m rated games Nintendo has to step some things up there soon to not fall behind further when its about this type of content finding it´s audience.

Still it will be interesting to see how chinatown wars does on the psp in comparison which is riddled with its own sack of (piracy and delivery way) problems. Would be quite negative for Nintendo´s appeal to third parties if it does way better on the other platforms.