Crysis, Homeworld Writer Arrested At US Border

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Acclaimed Canadian sci-fi author Peter Watts, who has worked with both Relic and Crytek on game stories, was earlier this week arrested at a US border crossing, and charged with assaulting a federal officer.

It's a serious charge, one that carries a mandatory two-year jail sentence if he's convicted. In his defence, Watts claims not only that he is innocent, but that US officers beat him, attempted to withhold his Miranda Rights and seized a whole ton of his stuff.


Watts has worked with Relic on the story for what would later become Homeworld 2, and has most lately been employed by Crytek to lend a hand with the writing for Crysis 2.


Dr Peter Watts, Canadian science fiction writer, beaten and arrested at US border [Boing Boing]

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Before we go jumping to conclusions, I would love to see the video of the alleged incident and see what the authorities have to say about their side of the story.

Boingboing couldn't have been more one-sided about the incident, without having the full story and relying on the word of involved parties.

I'm not blaming the alleged victim in this incident, but I'm not going to listen to one side of the story and say "Oh my, those border guards sure are a spurious lot!"