NSFW: A Brief Peek At Heavy Rain's Adult Content

Adult games and games for adults are different. European developer Quantic Dream doesn't just dream of making games for adults, it is.


With upcoming PS3 title Heavy Rain, the developer aims to make the video game equivalent of something like an R rated film — adult characters, adult content. As mentioned previously, some of that content is nudity. The preview build of the game played by Kotaku included a little bit of nudity - a bare male posterior, a topless woman, and cheekily blocked genitalia during some scenes of dressing and undressing — but no sex.


Footage from Polish site tvgry.pl offers a look at how the adult content in the game is being handled — looks somewhat sterile, which is refreshing for a video game.

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milo128 shouldn't have done that.

There's just too much nudity. This gen seems obsessed with nudity.

Dantes inferno= boobs at random places every second

Bioware games= random sex scenes with aliens or mythical creatures

Heavy Rain= It's tasteful to watch a girl shower even though it doesn't add to the story

GOW3= harpies have bewbs dude!

The games industry needs to stop appealing to pre pubescent boys if it ever wants to grow.