Kotaku Off Topic: Summer Vacation

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Today's edition of Kotaku Off Topic is kind of a downer—natural disasters and such—making me want to get away from it all. So let's talk about vacations and travel plans.


Most of my traveling is tied to working for Kotaku, flying overseas to Tokyo, Japan and wherever German gaming conventions occur. The free transport is great, allowing me time to take a few days beforehand or afterward to travel on my own time. But I don't think that I've ever taken a non-obligation related vacation. That's gotta change.

So, if you want, talk about your travel plans for 2010, recommendations for getaway spots or places to avoid. Or talk about your topic of choice. Or just enjoy(?) these links.



I spent 10 days in Italy with my wife on our honeymoon. It was easily the best 10 days I have spent on vacation. Germany and Ireland were amazing as well, but nothing like Italy.

Amazing food, rich history, amazing ruins and architecture and great people.

We went from Rome to Florence then down the the Amalfi coast. We spent a day in Tuscany in a 1200 year old castle and had a 12 course meal and wine tasting. Positano is easily one of the most relaxing and beautiful places in the world.

We are going back this fall. 14 days, first class flights, hotels and food. This time we are starting in Rome and going north to Milan, hopping over to Switzerland and the to Venice with a day boat trip to Croatia. I cannot wait.