"Overseas" Version of Final Fantasy XIII Finished

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Final Fantasy XIII has been released on the PS3 in Japan, but the multi-platform version won't be out in the West until March. Square Enix has, however, announced that development on this "overseas version" is now complete.


In an online letter to European gamers, FFXIII game director Motomu Toriyam writes, "FINAL FANTASY XIII overseas version is finally completed." He then apologizes for the long wait. Continuing, he adds:

The overseas version was developed simultaneously with the Japanese one as we wanted to ensure that it comes out as soon after the Japanese release date as possible.

In the completed FINAL FANTASY XIII, the features which were popular amongst gamers at our survey last summer have been enhanced even further.

One of those features is characters' facial animations, which work as the core of any human drama. Their movements are completely synchronised with the English lines and, due to this, each scene in the game is truly spectacular...

...Don't get distracted. You will see the truth when you hold it in your hands. Please be patient a little longer for the 'day of a battle against the fate"!

Check out the game's synched-up English voice acting in this new FFXIII trailer.

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...I'd probably be more excited if they didn't create entirely different lines for the "overseas" version...