Ringo Starr? "Crap" at Rock Band

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While Beatle Ringo Starr might be a rock'n'roll icon, he is not a Rock Band game playing icon. But that's okay. He's Ringo Starr.


"I'm absolutely crap at it," Starr said in a television interview with talk show host Jimmy Fallon with asked about the Rock Band Beatles game. "We tried it when they were putting it together and they'd bring all these geniuses out to play it. It's too frantic for me."

The left-handed Starr played a right-handed drum kit. And while Starr never displayed the serious technical virtuosity of Keith Moon, Ginger Baker or John Bonham, he still drummed for the Beatles and did a fine job on tracks like "Come Together" or "Ticket to Ride".

"The graphics are great, I love the game and I love the music," Starr also told Fallon. "But it's for young folk."

Fellow bandmate Paul McCartney admitted that he hadn't even played Rock Band, stating, "My excuse is, I play guitar. I was on the real record." The idea, the famed bassist added, that "the idea of pushing buttons and things in time is kind of slightly intriguing", but then said he was more interested in playing live shows.

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I still can't figure out how the Rock Band drum experience relates to the real thing, my thinking is that it depends on how one approaches real drums.

I have several friends who play drums, all pretty well. Some of them took to Rock Band like they'd been playing it for years, and are amazing at it, others can't play drums in the game to save their life.