R.I.P. Calling All Cars! Online, 2007-2010

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Today marked the end of online support for Calling All Cars!, the debut PlayStation Network game from David Jaffe's Eat Sleep Play studio, leading the outspoken developer to eulogize the game and express his thoughts about its cool reception.


Jaffe wrote about Calling All Car!'s success, or lack thereof, in his typically frank fashion last night.

"I'd say she had a good run online, but she really didn't," Jaffe laments on his personal blog. "With the exception of the first few hours when the game hit PSN, there were never more than 3-5 people playing at a time. Until tonite, that is, when a handful of loyal CAC supporters came out to say their goodbyes."

While clearly proud of the game, Jaffe writes "the game had it's flaws for sure."

"The biggest one being a lack of stickiness," he writes. "Even playing tonite after 3 very, very fun matches full of shouting and overtimes and comebacks, I was done. I didn't want to play anymore." He also lays blame on the game's mechanics (lack of defense, lack of team-based play), the abandoned "XXX rated vibe" and the $10 asking price for a $500-600 console.

"I guess we just didn't know what the hell kind of game was expected of us, truth be told," Jaffe writes.

There's a lot of Jaffe brand honesty in the Calling All Cars! "funeral for a friend." Worth the read.


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Forgot this game existed after a late purchase of a PS3. I'd download this... Common Sony!