Forza Developer Working On "Next Big Thing"

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Turn 10 Studios released racing simulator Forza Motorsport 3 last fall. The company went on to do what most other developers do:

Start develop on a new game.

But is it another Forza title? Turn 10 has churned out three Forza titles since 2005. "[A] core part of the team is off working on our next big thing," Forza 3 game director Dan Greenawalt told game site VG247. But Greenawalt added that the studio had "nothing to announce at this time."


Any hints though?

"How do we go from being a ‘Racing Game' to being a ‘Car Game' to being a way of life? These are just some of the tenants we've taken to heart for our next project."


Hrm... Forza 4? Kidding! Well, sorta.

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