Mega Man 10 Out Next Month, Hits Wii First

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Capcom's Mega Man 10, the second in their attempts to go back in time and develop "new" NES-style games, will be out in March, the publisher announced today.


It'll arrive on WiiWare first, on March 1, followed by the PlayStation Network on March 11 and then Xbox Live Arcade on March 31.

Not that I dislike the 8-bit style, but I kind of hope this is the end of them. If you're going to do the time warp again, 16-bit is where it's at.



When MM9 launched both the Wii and PS3 version got released on the same week (one on monday the other on thursday) while the Xbox had to wait until next wednesday.

It puzzles me now why the releases are so much farther apart.

Also, why the Xbox gets kicked more every time with each MM release? One month after the Wii version. What gives?

Im getting this for PS3 but I'd like to know why do I have to wait more than a week.