Microsoft To Unveil Xbox Live Mobile Today

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While we at Kotaku have known Xbox Live has been coming to Windows Mobile for a while now, it appears that later today, Microsoft will finally get around to officially unveiling the project.

Some lazy security at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona (due to open later today) has allowed these shots to get out, showing not only Microsoft's new Windows Mobile 7 operating system, but a big badge showing how deeply Xbox Live will be integrated on its start screen.


You'd expect the cross-over to, at the very least, allow users to access their Xbox Live accounts on the fly, for things like messaging. Best case scenario, with the little "games" tag that's been used, you'd be looking at mobile-specific games that have full Xbox Live compatability (for things like displaying achievements), much like Games for Windows PC titles do.

As we've previously reported, it's believed that this Xbox Live integration will only be available on Windows-branded phones.'s Photos [Facebook, via Gizmodo]

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When's Sony gonna do this? I'm done waitin for XBL and done switched to PSN.