The $160 Doll Of Lara Croft's Nemesis

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The Tonner company makes finely-crafted dolls, including an already-released $125 Lara Croft doll. Next in their Lara line is a doll of Amanda Evert, the sometimes-nemesis in recent Tomb Raider games.

The Amanda Evert doll, which is coming soon, will run $160.

The Tonner folks have been in the business for 20 years, making dolls that have finely-crafted clothing — that works, a rep told me, saying the zippers zip and the buckles buckle. High-end materials and all that.


The Tomb Raider dolls were the only gaming-related dolls I was allowed to snap a photo of here at Toy Fair 2010 in New York. A pair of Prince of Persia dolls were also set up but they are pending the approval of the folks behind this spring's PoP movie. So just imagine high-end dolls of the Prince and Tamina, who I assume is the movie's love interest.

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