Behind The Scenes With LEGO Harry Potter

How do you combine a magical, best-selling series of children's novels with the magical, best-selling series of children's imagination toys? I suppose game development magic would do the trick.

I've read maybe two chapters of a Harry Potter book, and I've seen maybe two and a half of the movie adaptations. So no, I'm not a big Harry Potter fan. So why the hell am I eager to play LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4? I've complained about being burned out on the LEGO adventure games in the past, but something about this one just rings a bell with me. Perhaps it's the new split-screen multiplayer feature, or maybe those two chapters and two and a half movies resonated with me on some strange, subconscious level.


I might as well pick it up. My older brother is a huge fan, so I'll have someone to play the game with and someone to explain the parts I don't understand.



Really?? We need another Lego game franchise??