Why We Call Him Dude Huge

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It's a question Kotaku gets a lot: Why do you refer to Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski as "Dude Huge". There is a reason. This is it.


For years, Cliff Bleszinski had been known by the moniker "CliffyB". And then suddenly, during the promotions for Gears of War II, either he or Microsoft had an identity crisis and decided that "CliffyB" was out.

This meant that everyone had to learn to spell "Bleszinski".

With "CliffyB" persona non grata, "The Cliffster" was in — that is, until a grammar mistake (I wrote "Dude huge" instead of "Dude hugs" at the end of a post) compelled Bleszinski to write, "I no longer want to be called The Cliffster. I want to be called Dude Huge."

Last summer, Dude Huge followed up and wrote this in the comment section: "Newsflash. I no longer want to be called Dude Huge. I want Kotaku to refer to me as 'The B.'"

Yeah, we ignored that.

Whateveryouwanttocallhim was supposed to be on the Jimmy Fallon show this Friday (sans plastic weaponry), but as previously reported, he was pushed off by a small, singing child. The Gears designer will be on Monday's show, however.





I don't get all the CliffyB hate. He's good at what he does, his games are fun, rich and successful. Is it jealousy? I think so.

He certainly doesn't say anything to make him look or sound like a douche.

When I think of douches I think of Spencer Pratt and other guys with the same nature as him

Cliff doesn't seem that way. He has a real job and makes good games. Perhaps the celebrity side of him?

I think we should still call him Dude Huge. The guy's been working out. I honestly thought that's where it started.

Maybe he should hold a contest or something. Have someone think of a nickname and they get to be in GoW3!

Let's face it. Blesniksi,Bleznksi,Ble...His last name just doesn't lend itself to be told repeatedly.

I vote for C.B. Huge!