Gears Of War 3, Coming April 2011

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Somebody at Microsoft appears to have flicked a switch a little early, with an advertisement appearing on the Xbox 360 dashboard tonight for Gears of War 3.


There's the trademark Gears of War logo, and a tagline that reads "The epic story concludes April 2011".

The ad appears to have jumped the proverbial gun, with the official reveal of the game not expected to have taken place until an appearance from Epic's Cliff Bleszinski on the Jimmy Fallon show on Monday night.

He of course was supposed to have been on the show, well, last night, but his appearance was pulled at the last minute. Guess somebody forgot to pass that onto the Xbox 360's ad team!

Despite the lack of an official reveal, it's already been rumoured that the third game in the Xbox 360 shooter series will feature franchise firsts like like underwater combat and mech suits.



How come people seem to be hating on Gears all of a sudden?

I know I like it. And judging from sales figures, a lot of people like shooting stuff as well. So why all the hate?

Granted it's not revolutionary or anything but it's good fun.

Then again, most of the complaints are from the MP part of the game. Can't say anything about that really.

I would love to shoot more Locusts. April can't come soon enough! Just make the last "boss" a tad better.

Oh, and does anyone believe part 3 concludes the series? Maybe a certain part of the story but the series itself? I highly doubt it.

A game of this magnitude is not close to ending. As I believe the same thing with the other GoW. God of War.

That game will have another sequel within the next 2-4 years. Count on it.