Capcom's Annual Private Game Fest Promises to Captivate

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Each year, Capcom hosts a big event to show off its year's worth of games, bringing together international game writers, its developers and a few lucky fans.

This year, Captivate kicks off on Tuesday in Honolulu, Hawaii. While we don't yet know what they'll be showing, it promises to be a revealing week of hands-ons, press conferences and interviews.

We'll be on hand to make sure we get all of the information straight from the people behind such greats as Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Dead Rising and Lost Planet.


Please do stay tuned.

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I hope they cut down on the retro shizz. If youre going to make MM11, make it with current graphics. After two games, the 8 bit graphics lost all its' charm and appeal. I can see past the gimmick and into the reality of it("it's alot easier to develop than a real game with good graphics.") Can't be fooled by nostalgia forever, Cappy.

Same goes for Nintendo.

Make all the sequels you want, but stop with the retro crap. I'm tired of it.