Why Do Gears Of Wars' Women Have To Make Babies? Why Can't They Fight?

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Gears of War is a science fiction boys club. For boys who have no necks. So where, exactly, do women fit into all this? Why, they don't. They're all busy. Busy making babies. Giant, neckless babies.

A great piece over at the Boston Phoenix, by Maddy Myers, points out the absurd gender inequality present in humanity's war against the Locust in Epic's Gears of War video game series.

See, while every man who can draw breath is off gaining glory and spilling blood in combat, women have been barred from the front lines. According to Gears of Wars' lore, because the Locust have wiped out so many people, the women are needed to make babies.


Sure, there are exceptions - we've seen one already - but most of these ladies are exceptions because they can't have kids. So the only way a woman can fight is when they can't have kids? Pretty much.

This brings us to the heart of Myers' piece. "What if a woman just didn't want to make babies, and wanted to serve humanity in another way? Can the developers really not imagine a scenario where a woman wouldn't want to to choose this path? According to this premise, the only reason why a woman would want to fight off an endless Locust Horde destroying her planet would be if she had absolutely no other way to spend her time."

Interesting point. I could of course offer "what if a man just didn't want to fight?", and reply with "well, it's the end of the world, he'd be shot", but that's another topic for another day.


Gears of War 3: Adding a Female Character? [The Boston Phoenix]

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I've never played the Gears of War games because I'm a PS3 kinda girl. (Don't worry, I'm not about to hate on one of the most popular game series on the Xbox360.) So naturally I don't know much about GoW. Pretty much all I know is that it's about a war between humans and a viscious alien race.

I didn't know - for example - how serious the situation is for humanity. Now I understand that in the games we humans are pretty much facing our own extinction.

Okay, so with that said... Yeah, I'm familiar with a lot of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fantasies where humanity has turned into something pretty ugly in their desparation. And it's not completely uncommon that in these tales there are women who's sole purpose is to reprocude. Maybe they're even tied up to some sort of machine that is making them pregnant and delivering the babies and making them pregnant again...

But I didn't know that in the GoW lore women are busy making babies while the men are fighting the aliens. And I don't know exactly how this has been explained in the games. Is it like some kind of slave work for the women or are they supposedly doing it out of their own free will.

It sure would seem a bit funny if all the women were making babies just because they want to. 'Cause a lot of women really don't want to make babies. A lot of women would rather pick up that gun (which in this case has a built-in chainsaw) and join the fight.

And we have the whole thing with the lesbians who are prefectly proficient in getting pregnant without ever having to even see a penis... but who in many cases probably find the thought of giving birth much more horrifying than getting shot dead by a nasty alien.

So yeah, the slave work type of reproducing business would seem more credible than the "we just wanna make more babies"-attitude. Even though it would be less ugly to make babies out of one's free will... It's just that a lot of women really don't want to do that. Not ever. Not under any circumstances.

But like I said before, I really don't even know which is the case in the GoW games.