See How Project Natal Will See You

Look through the cute/creepy eyes of Project Natal and see how the Xbox 360 camera attachment will see you when launched later this year.

This shaky cam-captured demonstration, via Next Gen News, is from Microsoft's Think Next event that convened yesterday in Tel Aviv, Israel—home to Project Natal tech provider PrimeSense. In it, we witness the unglamorous side of Natal as Dr. Ilan Spillinger, Microsoft VP Hardware and Technology, shows off the camera's ability to determine gender, track multiple persons with little latency and transfer that information to an Xbox Live Avatar.


Also take of Spillinger's ability to become incredibly animated himself, even though he probably sees Natal working day in and day out.

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I'm almost certain parents somewhere will cry fowl when the Xbox 360 inevitably has difficulty determining the gender of some obscure child's body type.