Weed + Rap + Chrono Trigger

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Many rappers rhyme about marijuana. But how many of them do it to the Chrono Trigger soundtrack?

Grass-roots (geddit?) rapper Wiz Khalifa, perhaps best known for his "Say Yeah" single, has released a mixtape dubbed Kush and Orange Juice for free online. That was nice of him. And this song is, as one commenter points out, dope?

The mixtape's weed-heavy tune "Never Been" features a sample of Chrono Trigger song "Schala's Theme".

The Chrono Trigger soundtrack was primarily composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. The role-playing game was originally released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Say no to drugs, kids. Yes to Chrono Trigger music!


[Thanks Jarren for the tip!] [Pic]

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Will we ever get a Chrono Trigger sequel, Chrono Break if you will?

Im thinking not. But thats ok, Square. Keep releasing more Last Remnants and Infinite Undiscoveries instead.

Now if you'll excuse me, Im gonna go cry in that corner.

PS: Nobuo Uematsu is so overrated. He's best work was FFVII, VIII, and IX only more than 10 years ago. Yosunori Mitsuda is the best videogame music compser there is.