Cannes Film Fest Flick May Nail Video Game Thriller

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There have been several attempts at bringing video games to the big screen. They haven't worked out so well. How about a movie with a video game in it?

Black Heaven is a techy suspense flick from French director Gilles Marchand, who helmed the 2003 thrilled Who Killed Bambi? According to the movie's official release, Marchand's new picture follows two teenagers, Gaspard and Marion, spending their summer in the South of France. They discover a lost cell phone, but when they find the owner, he has committed suicide.

Next to him is an unconscious woman named Audrey, who introduces Gaspard to an online game called Black Hole. Diving deep into the game, he begins searching for Sam, a singer who seduces players into committing suicide.


Black Heaven, not to be confused with the anime of the same name, features extensive CG animation that was created by the same company behind the recent animated feature Renaissance, reports website Twitch Film. Black Heaven will premiere at this year's Cannes Film Festival. Hope it doesn't suck.

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News: Cannes 2010: Sales Promo For Gilles Marchand's Techno Thriller BLACK HEAVEN [Twitch Film via Wired]

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I hate to say it, but you have to be a pretty dumb mother fucker to get talked into suicide.

I mean, it's not like buying a juicer or anything, it's well...suicide. Duh.