You Will Die, But You Might Also Win 10,000 Microsoft Points

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In a game where the enemy grows more powerful with each level, you're destined to die, but survive long enough in Dead Pixel Arcade's Xbox Live Indie game You Will Die and you might posthumously score 10,000 Microsoft points.


You Will Die is a twin stick shooter in which your enemies grow progressively stronger the longer you play, until you finally succumb to their overwhelming force. It's also the first Xbox Live Indie title to be included on the scoreboards of video game record keeper Twin Galaxies, and Dead Pixel Arcade is celebrating by offering up 10,000 Microsoft points to the player with the top score come August 1. That's $125 worth of downloadable content.

The second place winner takes home a paltry 1,600 points, while third place will score you 400 points, enough to buy a theme or a couple sets of gamer pics.

You will die is available right now on the Xbox Live Marketplace for a mere 80 Microsoft points, a small price to pay to die horribly again and again.

You Will Die 10,000 MS Point World Record Bounty [Dead Pixel Arcade via All Games Network]


So is this a rip-off of Warning Forever?

Fun and FREE game.