Wii at Last, Wii at Last, Thank God Almighty ...

So President Obama, once again, dinged video games in a speech. I'd rather send a more uplifting message, where a console is judged not by the content of its games, but the color of its skin.


As we know, today is an historic day* in America - the first black Wii is available for purchase. Here's Black Nerd Comedy's take on what this means for our post-racial society. There's a Big Free Ad for some t-shirts he's hawking at the end; we don't endorse that aspect of the message, but the address is too clever to be disqualified because of it.

* - Dad insists it's "a historic." He is wrong and I am right.


Michael Dukakis

Ask not what your Nintendo can do for you - ask what you can do for your Nintendo...