Green Day Sounds Pretty Certain It Will Have DLC for Rock Band

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Although a producer said earlier there will be no additional DLC for Green Day: Rock Band - giving a rather sophisticated, creative reasoning for the decision - the band's drummer sounds certain there will be more tracks coming via download.


Speaking to Game Informer, Green Day's Tre Cool said:

We wanted it all to go on there, but I guess you have to leave something for later. The technology is pretty sweet. You can download more material on all the consoles. Personally, I like PS3. I watch Netflix on my PlayStation 3. So, we're going to have more stuff going through the pipeline later, like the old records once we get them on digital and get the stems. Hopefully, we'll come up with some new looks.

He's talking about Green Day's songs; if this were Guitar Hero I'd be inclined to think he'd be confused and the game would be getting non-Green Day tracks. Obviously that's not how Harmonix rolled with the Beatles, nor will it be the case here.Green Day: Rock Band won't even have access to the Rock Band store because they don't want the band performing anything other than their own songs.

Last month Harmonix' Chris Foster said the game's "sculpted experiences" for each song precluded DLC down the line, because there would be no unique visuals for it. He also said there aren't any tracks pre-Dookie (1994) because of limited access to master recordings. So what gives?

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Amazon is offering $20 future credit with the purchase of this game, both the basic and the "plus" version of the game (plus costs$10 more, comes with a voucher for 6 Green Day DLC songs and also a code to export the songs in the game to be played in other RB titles, so if you plan on getting DLC or exporting the tracks you're better off getting the plus version.