Starcraft, If It Had Been Made In 1984

Don't get bummed out, Starcraft fans! We're not going to let the morning pass without some good news. Well, not news. It's more a clip, of what Starcraft would look like on the Nintendo Entertainment System.


Smartly, the isometric viewpoint has been dropped in favour of the NES' speciality, side-scrolling, which though messy in parts, allows the game to retain a certain charm.

The clip's creator, Owen Dennis, writes "This is gameplay footage from the original game 'Starcraft' as it was released in 1984. My uncle worked as an assistant programmer for Blizzard/Activision in the early 80's. I found this in his closet next to an old Colecovision."

Owen, get back in there and see if you can find 1984's Lost Vikings while you're at it.

[Owen Dennis]


This reminds of M.U.L.E.

M.U.L.E. had the best video game music ever.