Alan Wake: Building The Drama

As far as we're concerned, the main drama of Alan Wake is having to wait another day to play, but developer Remedy went to all the trouble of putting together this Building the Drama trailer, so here you go.

Reviewer's love Alan Wake. Normally an oft-delayed title like Wake ends up being a jumbled mess of ideas that never fully coalesced during development, so this game's excellence comes as a total surprise to many, myself included.

I've played through the first two chapters of the game myself, and refuse to play through any more of it without someone else in the room. I want to know how the game ends, and I want to experience it for myself, without someone else spoiling it. I just need a little hand-holding to get past the scary parts.


Find out for yourself tomorrow, when Alan Wake hits store shelves.

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Michael Dukakis

This games seems ... flashy.