Final Fantasy Versus XIII On Xbox 360? Square's 'Looking Into It'

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Will Square Enix's long-in-the-making Final Fantasy Versus XIII follow the lead of its predecessor and make the leap from the PS3 to the Xbox 360? Probably... err Square Enix is "looking into it," according to the company's president.

Yoichi Wada told attendees at an investors meeting today in Tokyo that, despite claims that the more action oriented Final Fantasy Versus XIII would be "PS3 only worldwide," the publisher may consider a multi-platform release. But there's some "looking into it" to be done, so don't expect an announcement of that sort until closer to the game's next major unveiling.


Hey, it only makes sense, considering the hundreds of thousands of copies of Final Fantasy XIII that Square Enix sold on the Xbox 360. It's just business, nothing personal.

スクエニ、2010年3月期決算を発表。過去最高益を更新 [GameWatch via Andriasang]

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mintycrys: Pirandello Kruger part-timer

Wow. Nobody saw this coming.....Really!

Incidentally, had Final Fantasy XIII been PS3-exclusive, it would've been the best RPG of this generation, HANDS DOWN. Just because!

I guess Final Fantasy Versus XIII can't be good anymore if it goes multi-plat. Especially since they'll be cutting so much content on the PS3 version in future possible anticipation of the chance of a possible 360 port, just like how they cut all that content for FFXIII, and then it went multiplat a while later. They knew it was going to release on 360 ALL ALONG!