Exclusive Showdown Reveals...Pointlessness Of Exclusives

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Here's something to fire your synapses on a Tuesday night: a comparison of the average review scores of Xbox 360 exclusives vs PlayStation 3 exclusives.

The figures, of course, do nothing to somehow magically settle the argument over which console has the "better" exclusives. So don't go into this expecting them to.

What they do show, however, is how fruitless the whole idea of a console exclusive is. Having yesterday heard that most prospective PS3 owners aren't picking the console up for any one game, we see today there's a very good reason for that: most exclusives just aren't worth the trouble.


According to this IndustryGamer's report, there have been 114 games put to market that are - or at one stage were - Xbox 360 exclusives at time of release. The PS3 has 54. Of those numbers, only 6% of 360-exclusive games picked up a Metacritic score of over 90%, while 16% of PS3 games did likewise.

You'll find the bulk of them lying around the 60-80 mark, which is by no means a bad game, just not one that's worth the bravado and money exchanged in order for a game to become a console exclusive.

Illustration for article titled Exclusive Showdown Reveals...Pointlessness Of Exclusives

PS3 Outshining Xbox 360 in Exclusives Category, shows Metacritic Data [IndustryGamers]

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I thought this was going to be an abstract comparison of things like 360 getting MW2 DLC a month in advance of PS3 or how Batman & Dante's Inferno had exclusive or free content added to the PS3 version.

This item is really not even worth posting, which is pretty clearly stated in the article.

The PS3 isn't exactly outshining the 360. What this is showing is that since the 360 has been around a bit longer and is easier to finish a game for, being the more familiar platform, it's easier to force out shovelware for the console.


How was that whole "play as the Joker" thing, btw? Just wondering because no one really mentioned it anywhere that I read about games.