Yes, We Have A Winner

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In 2008, Anthony Le set out to do something very important: Build a suit from Iron Man.


The 25-year-old fitness consultant has been a life-long Iron Man fan, and his first attempt was more of a costume. His second? His second is a US$4,000 dollar suit held together by high-impact urethane and, according to Popular Science, over 1,500 rivets and washers. Le sculpted the helmet from clay and then created the finished product from resin.

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Outfitted with LEDs, the suit boasts a spinning cylindrical gun spins and a motorized helmet faceplate that can open and close. The gun is powered by pressing a button in the suit's glove and can be converted into a paintball gun.

Le decided to make this War Machine suit, the one that Stark's buddy Jim Rhodes wears in Iron Man 2, because, as he tells PopSci, "it just looks more hardcore". That it does.

You Built What?! [PopSci via Halo Squared Thanks, Witz!]


You know, if someone showed up to play paintball wearing that, I'd just forfeit the game on an account of too much awesome.