Champions Online Makes With The Adventure Packs

Champions Online players will soon have new foes to fight with the introduction of Adventure Packs, regular doses of new story content, kicking off next month with The Serpent Lantern.

Adventure Packs are like comic book story arcs, taking players on a complete adventure with its own villains, storyline, and rewards. The first pack, due out next month, pits players against a sinister group attempting to acquire the unspeakable power of The Serpent Lantern. It's up to the players to travel from the rooftops of Millennium City to the wilds of Africa to halt this insidious plot.

The coolest feature of Adventure Packs is the scalability. Players level 11 and above can take part in the adventure either solo or with a team, ensuring that all types of players can experience the new content without having to grind levels in advance.

Look for The Serpent Lantern next month in Champions Online.

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Oh cool! They're having mini-content updates and scalable mission!

This is almost as cool as City of Heroes was in 2005!

(Yes, I'm a City of Heroes fanperson. ^_^ )