Pro Wrestler Enters Ebert Art Debate, Armed With Red Dead, Uncharted

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Did you know Samoa Joe is an excellent pro wrestler? He is. But if that doesn't win you over, perhaps his recent Tweets about video games will. Spoiler: He doesn't side with Roger Ebert in the games-as-art debate.


Samoa Joe Tweet at 1:55pm ET today:

Roger Ebert once said Videogames will never be "art" like film. After Playing Red Dead & Uncharted 2, You could never be more wrong sir.


Samoa Joe Tweet at 1:56pm ET today:

Too be honest Uncharted 2 was the best action flick I saw all last year!

Samoa Joe Tweet at 2:04pm ET today:

Any ways so I just got into Red Dead last night & I have too say its the best Multiplayer sandbox game ever. The single player is top notch

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Samoa Joe Twitter feed.

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It amazes me that people lash out for Ebert's "Games Aren't Art" statement by saying he doesn't know anything about video games, that he's uneducated about the topic, etc. Take a few minutes to read his defense of that statement. Not because he's right, but because you have no leverage in the argument if a) he's thought about it more than you have, and b) you haven't even heard the other side of the argument (which I assure you, he's definitely heard your side).


Heck, I've even heard people say things like "Just show him a game like Flower. Then he could never disagree." And look, what do you know, that's actually one of the games he specifically addresses. Get educated about your arguments, people, or you look as foolish as you think he is.

Edit: And it's not like this is a new stance taken by him. He's had it for several years now: