Halo Reach Dropping In September

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September 14 is Halo Reach launch day worldwide (except in Japan), according to an Associated Press report. Reach just enjoyed a popular and now-completed multiplayer beta.

The game is Halo creator Bungie Studios' last Halo project and likely one of the biggest Xbox 360 games of the fall. Future Halo projects are being developed under Microsoft's in-house 343 Industries group. Bungie is moving on to spend a decade developing a series of grand games for Activision, all set in a brand-new gaming universe.


Halo Reach will be released in Japan one day later than in North America and Europe, on September 15.

The AP story notes that the Reach beta was played by 2.7 million gamers.

2.7 million gamers reach for `Halo' [Associated Press]

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The only compelling reason to keep my 360. I mean, besides Alan Wake if they never announce a PC version.