Let's Discuss Alan Wake Episode Four - Now

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We're far into Alan Wake now people. It's Episode 4 and Alan says he feels like he's in a horror movie. Your thoughts?

Do you agree with the narration at the beginning of this chapter, that the game has begun to turn into a horror experience?

You've been playing as Alan for a while. What do you think of him at this point? And what do you make of some of the key characters in this chapter? The guys in the hospital who just might be gods and our creepy inspirational psychiatrist?


And how's the collecting going? At this point in the game, are you more obsessive or less about manuscript pages and thermoses? I've been able to stress about them less. You?

Note: Our Alan Wake Game Club will return Wednesday, at the same hour, 3pm Kotaku Time (5pm ET/ 2pm PT) with a discussion of the game's five episode

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Really liked this chapter. Did anyone else think of Left 4 Dead 2 during the stage battle?

One part that I found funny was when you have to use that Viking boat to smash the barn doors, and Alan thinks "The boat looked imposing, almost like a battering ram."

I said out loud to myself: "Wonder if I'm supposed to use it like a battering ram." I had to pause the game, I was laughing so hard.

Lame, but I enjoyed myself.