Three Years Late, The Badass Pandora Handheld Hits The Market

The Pandora is a handheld gaming console that went on "sale" in 2007. It's only now arriving in the hands of customers, eager to get their hands on something that looks like a DS, but is actually so much more.


Long written off as vapourware, the Pandora is an open source handheld. What this means is that it's not locked in any way, like a DS or a PSP is. Instead, running on a form of Linux, you can install pretty much anything that the Pandora's hardware can run, with ports currently underway on everything from Homeworld to Quake to Lemmings.

Being open source, it's also a perfect platform for emulation, with the Pandora capable of running games originally intended for the NES, SNES, Neo Geo, N64, Dreamcast, PlayStation, Amiga, Game Boy Advance and more.

As you'll see in the above vid, it's got a touch screen, d-pad, dual analogue sticks (take note, Sony!) and even a full keyboard. You'll also see that, courtesy of its onboard storage and reliance on emulation, it's soon to be very unpopular with companies like Nintendo.

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how well does it run said N64 games. I still have yet to see many desktop/consoles that do N64 excellently. If this could play paper mario without hiccups I would be sold. Otherwise if its just a big, clunky thing that can do SNES like the PSP then I'll stick with my PSP

...or my andriod phone despite its awful controls