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The Voice of Metal Gear Reviews Game Movies

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David Hayter is a rarity. He has made a name for himself in voice games as a voice actor and in movies as a Hollywood screenwriter.


With a foot in both worlds, no doubt he has a unique point of view on video game movies.

Over at the MTV Movies Blog, Hayter gives his opinion on a laundry list of game movies. Here are the highlights:

"It was really... something else, that film. I was working on a Black Widow adaptation at the time and I looked at all these female-driven action movies of their day and came across BloodRayne with Sir Ben Kingsley. That was unbelievable in the very truest sense of the word."


Mortal Kombat
"That's an example of-when they have done it in a decent way, adapted a video game into a movie, what they've really done is just sort of taken the elements of the video game and transferred them to film in a way that felt true."

Resident Evil
"My wife is a huge fan of the Resident Evil movies and I did enjoy the first one. It had a cool attitude and I think that it did capture what Resident Evil is, tonally. I've played a lot of the Resident Evil games and I really like [their tone]. There's something cool and weird about that world that goes beyond zombies and beyond just the T-virus. They captured sort of a neat thing there."

Tomb Raider
"I think the Tomb Raider movies had a problem... in that I don't think [the filmmakers] really understood what it was that made Lara Croft so appealing, and made that world and those games so appealing. [It seemed like] they thought it was just about the guns or the gadgets. To me, the idea of this character, this wealthy girl, being thrown into larger than life situations and having to deal with those things... that makes it interesting. Whereas in the movie, Angelina Jolie... was perfect casting, but they sort of made her this Teflon superwoman who wasn't affected by the danger because she knew she wasn't going to die, and that sort of took away some of the drama of it all."

DAVID HAYTER GUEST BLOG: Looking At The Best And Worst Of Video Game Adaptations [MTV Movies Blog]

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Seriously, Mortal Kombat seems like a better and better video game-to-movie adaptation every time a new game based movie is released.