Sex And The Sim City

The second Sex and the City movie is in theaters today, but no one has to go see it, now that EA's Sims team summarized it for us using The Sims 3.

Using The Sims 3, EA has taken a full accounting of my Sex and the City knowledge and compressed it into this brief video. The only thing I see missing is the guy with the giant eyebrows. I'm sure he has a name, but "guy with the giant eyebrows" covers it quite nicely.

Thanks EA! Now we can skip this film and see what's going on with Prince of Persia: Sands of Time.

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Sex In the City is actually a pretty entertaining show. I'm a dude, and honestly, it's just a funny show.

But it is nothing more than that. There are no lessons, guidance, or truth to it. Anyone who believes otherwise is crazy and you should stay away from them cus they'll probably fuck your life up.