Here's Where You Can Play Kinect Right Now

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Can't wait until November to play with Skittles the tiger or flail wildly until slightly moist with some Kinect Sports? Good news! Microsoft will be demoing its new motion controller "nationwide" for the public at retail this weekend.

If you live near one of the four Microsoft Stores—located in Scottsdale, AZ, Lone Tree, CO, Mission Viejo and San Diego, CA—you can go hands-on... err, try out Kinect for the Xbox 360 for yourself. Yes, that's a very specific set of locations and not as nationwide as the Microsoft Store Twitter account may lead you to believe. But if you're dying to know if Kinect is worth spending up to $149 USD on, this is your first best shot to figure that out early.

Microsoft Store [Twitter via 1UP]

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wow I feel kinda cheated living here in Seattle (with M$ HQ in Redmond a mere 8 miles away) and there's no Kinect demo here. Kinda ass backwards.

PS - I moved to Seattle from Mission Viejo too lol