What Move Games Will Japan Get Later This Year?

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On October 21, the PlayStation Move will hit Japanese retail. That's not all as there will be Move games as well. Sony Computer Entertainment has released a list of those games.

The following titles will be available starting October 21: EyePet (¥3,980 or US$45), Sports Champion (¥3,980 or 3,980 or $45), Beat Sketch! (¥2,980 or $34), High Velocity Bowling (¥1,900 or $22) and Kung Fu Rider (¥3,980 or $45) from Sony. Namco Bandai will be releasing Big Gun Shooting for (¥6,279 or $72).

Priced at ¥11,980 ($137), Big Gun Shooting will be bundled with one Move controller, one PlayStation Eye and one PlayStation Move "shooting attachment". There will also be a bundle for Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition that comes with one Move controller and one PlayStation Eye. It's priced at ¥7,980 ($91) and will be out on October 21.


Later this year will see Echochrome (November), Nikudan (November), Move de Party (November), TV Superstar (December), while next year will get Ape Escape, Sorcery, Tower, The Shoot and Heroes on the Move. In 2011, Move support will be added to Killzone 3, Heavy Rain and Hustle Kings, too.

That's heavy Move support from Sony right out of the gate — and it's unconfirmed whether this is a full list or not. The thing with these new peripherals is that the support continues so that those who shell out for these items don't get burned. I'm optimistic.

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What's with the names of all the Move specific games?

High Velocity Bowling. Big Gun Shooting.