Is Korean Law The Influence For Blizzard's "Real Name" Policy?

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World of Warcraft developer Blizzard's decision to force users to use their real names on the game's forum has some people in an uproar. Maybe those upset by the move should take it up with Korean lawmakers.

That's a theory put forward by Harvard student and former online security consultant Oliver Day, who points out on his site that recent Korean laws forcing websites with more than 100,000 users per day to make posters use their real name may be behind the change (or at least a strong influence, what with Korean stuff operating on different servers to those of other regions). These laws were enacted for much the same reason Blizzard is touting this decision: to cut down on trolling and other offensive conduct in the online space.


While it's an interesting theory, what with Starcraft (and Warcraft!) being so popular in Korea, it's not official confirmation on the reasoning behind the move, or even a role model for it, so don't treat it as such. It's just a theory!

Is Korean Law Driving Policy at Blizzard? [Zeroday]

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Surely this violates European law though under the Human rights act(1998), which specificaly gives you a right to privacy, if a company had held your name in confidant for all these years only to hand it over to the world for nerfarious purposes or otherwise it must be illegal and a violation of your basic human right to privacy.