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The Hulu Plus PlayStation Plus Preview Is Go

Illustration for article titled The Hulu Plus PlayStation Plus Preview Is Go

Starting today, select subscribers to Sony's premium PlayStation Plus service will have an opportunity to pay to preview Hulu Plus on the "first and only" console to feature the service in 2010.


A Sony press release continuously stresses one point: "PlayStation 3 will be the only console to offer Hulu Plus in 2010." It's true facts, of course. Xbox 360 users won't be able to pay for the premium service until next year, while "a select group" of PlayStation Plus subscribers will get the opportunity to participate in the Hulu Plus preview today for an additional $9.99 a month.

"We are delighted to offer the Hulu Plus preview starting today on PlayStation 3 and that PlayStation 3 will be the only console to offer Hulu Plus in 2010," said Jack Tretton, president and chief executive officer, Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. "The combination of Hulu's premium video library and PlayStation Network's expanding game and video catalogue further cements PlayStation 3 as the industry's best entertainment device for all of your content experiences from games, TV shows and movies to live sports, original content and 3D."


All PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download the free Hulu Plus application, which offers a selection of programs to watch in order to check out the full service's features. From within the application, users will be able to request an invite to the full service.

As reported previously, the Hulu Plus service will only be exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers during the preview period. Non Plus-subscribers will gain access to the program in the coming months.

I'm sticking to Netflix myself. It might not have as much content, but it doesn't have ads, plays on all of my consoles and devices, and costs a dollar less.


Anyone out there ready to sign up?

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Is there going to be any kind of free Hulu for those of us that wouldn't mind some form of limited access?