You Can Download StarCraft II Now (You Just Can't Play It)

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Don't wait until launch date to download your digital copy of StarCraft II. Grab all seven highly anticipated gigabytes worth of Blizzard's sequel right now so you're ready to play on July 27. You don't even have to pay!


Blizzard is opening up digital purchasing for its long in the making sci-fi real-time strategy game in advance of StarCraft II's official launch. Simply head over to, sign in, download and wait patiently. Then, on launch day, pay, activate and play.

If you're planning on buying a boxed copy, perhaps at some midnight sale, this is not the version you're looking for. Move along. If you're planning on not leaving the house and opting for a digital download of StarCraft II, this is probably a good idea.


Update: Blizzard has since clarified the activation details on its digital purchase page. Even if you plan on buying a boxed copy of StarCraft II, if you pre-download the game through Blizzard's digital purchase program you WILL be able to unlock it with the code in a retail box. Yay!

The digital download version can be activated and played starting July 27 at 10:00 AM PDT.

StarCraft II Digital Purchasing - Information []

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This is not the commentor you were looking for...

Sorry, after Blizzard's debacle with RealID and the WoW forums, I will forego Starcraft II and Diablo III. I have no wish to join such an endeavor.

It's a shame too, as I wanted to see what SCII had to offer...

Well only after the other two campaigns get finished and sold as one GOTY-esque collection. No way am I paying $150+ for the complete story.

Don't blow smoke up my ass saying that the campaigns are longer, so it's more like three full games. Can you say "filler missions" anyone? Longer != better, necessarily.